Who We Are

Advocacy for the Prevention of Hepatitis in Nigeria (APHIN) is a Nigerian based Non Governmental Organization (NGO), established in 2007 and registered officially with the Nigerian Government in 2008 with Registration number: 27084. APHIN is a full member of the World Hepatitis Alliance. APHIN exists to create awareness, prevent and treat hepatitis virus in Nigeria and other developing countries.

Our Motto: Lending a (helping) hand.

Our Mission: To contribute our quota in the fight againt viral hepatitis.

Our Vision: A world free of viral hepatitis.

Phone Number

(+234) 803-691-6360
(+234) 803-516-4690

Email Address


Our Location

12 Keghem Malu Street New GRA, Makurdi, Benue State.

  • To provide enlightenment about Hepatitis virus, the mode of transmission of the disease, its effect, prevention and treatment through awareness campaign, organizing of seminars, media presentation and conferences.
  • To establish pre-and post-counseling offices with the aim of providing proficient physical and emotional healing.
  • To receive grants; contributions, donations and money from individual, organizations, Business companies, Foundations, charitable organizations, missions, churches, ministries, mosques, NGOs, government, and International institutions on behalf of individuals incapable of paying for their treatments and getting it to them.
  • To conduct researches on the prevalence of Hepatitis virus as well as screening, treatment and vaccination.
  • To organize talk shows, concerts, seminars and conferences in schools, communities, towns, villages, market places, Hotels, churches, mosques and such related places to sensitize the people and to prevent hepatitis.
  • To affiliate with other NGOs, Government agencies, media houses and individuals when necessary in order to create awareness on hepatitis.
  • To carry out such activities that will educate and protect the society from the scourge of hepatitis.
  • To organize programmes, jingles, Advertisements on TV, Radio, and other means of publicity such as billboards, pamphlets and poster.
  • To conduct research, create awareness and enlightenment on other related rampaging infections in the country as the need arises.

  • Patients and Non patient members (voluntary members).

    APHIN is a 100% charity and voluntary organization. Our members comprise of all registered persons of various disciplines; subject to due compliance with any condition of membership including discipline, commitment, diligence and filling of an application form.

    APHIN does not pay salaries to any of it voluntary members; APHIN has been funded mostly by voluntary donations and support from its members.

    APHIN has a total of about ninety (90) voluntary staff which are both medical and non-medical persons plus patient members APHIN voluntary members include;

    • Medical practitioners.
    • Pharmacist.
    • Nurses.
    • Laboratory scientist.
    • Lawyers.
    • Virologist.
    • Business men and women.
    • Students, among others.

    Which are usually available when invited to offer free and voluntary services.

  • National Executive Council.

    The daily activities of APHIN are being overseen by the National Executive Council. The Executive Council consists of:

    • National Coordinator.
    • Deputy National Coordinator.
    • National Secretary General.
    • Treasurer.
    • Financial Secretary.
    • Research Unit Coordinator.
    • Resource\Welfare Unit Coordinator.
    • Publicity Unit Coordinator.
    • Fundraising Unit Coordinator.
  • Board of trustee.

    Play advisory roles and monitor/ evaluate activities of the Executive members. Approves the budget of the organization

  • Employed Staffs.

    These are persons employed to offer special services from time to time. They include counselling and screening activities in the office, Monitoring and evaluation staffs after any major activity. They are usually paid for their services.

  • Research Unit.

    The research unit overseas Counselling, Test/Screening, Treatment and Vaccination activities; coordinate research and publish findings. Explore areas we can improve on, in achieving our objectives.

  • Resource/Welfare Unit.
    The activities of this unit includes:
    • Presentation of seminars, Conferences, Open air programmes, capacity building programmes, talk shows, teaching.
    • Monitor the inflow and outflow of the Organisation’s resources.
    • Responsible for the welfare of patients/clients and members.
  • Publicity Unit.

    This unit explore means the organization sponsors its activities.

  • Fund Raising Unit.
    • Organisation of programmes, concert, Advertisement, jingles on media houses, (TV, Radio).
    • Awareness campaign and rallies.
    • Information dissemination through posters pamphlets, stickers, Billboards etc.